March 19, 2018

Rhinoplastic surgery Vlog

Had my surgery the 26th of September. This is filmed the 27th. Hope you understand what I say. Difficult to talk with a clogged nose. I will update after I t… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Galatasaray 01 Gençlerbirliği, Rıdvan Dilmen maç yorumu

Dr. Rawnsley talks about the eyes, brows and forehead as the first place where we begin to notice aging and some of the minimally invasive techniques he uses… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Eyelid Surgery: Post-down time.


아이 메이크업 | Eyemazng 메이크업

default28 Want to look beautiful in five minutes or le… Video Rating: 0 / 5

[FANCAM] ZE:A 5 (Aftermath) @ KMF 04-27-13

Please DO NOT re-upload. Video Rating: 0 / 5 我来到欧洲寻找最美丽的风景,看到了最美的画面,却忘记了回家的路。 Video Rating: 0 / 5

Basics: How to Contour

CLICK FOR MORE INFO!! blog twitter facebook pinterest http:/… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Everyday Make Up Routine for School (Monolids/asian eyes/hooded eyes)

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | By the way, I didn’t really … Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eyelid Surgery: A general overview.

Video Rating: 0 / 5

Asian products I brought from hk to Ireland (study life) | KatiestwBeauty

hi guys, 真系好耐冇拍片拉… 今次同大家分享番系香港帶左咩過尼用! products mentioned: makeup remover) – Bioderma 500ML / 100ML – Softymo cleansing oil 230ML – Perfect oil – Biore eye …

Someone likes do to a harlem shake

I dont kwow why she does that but yeah f it right. Video Rating: 2 / 5

Eyemazing Promotional Video Eyemazing Makeup Commercial

default27 When your eyes hates their lashes Because long eyelashes are considered as a sign of fe… I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios Filmed in Koreatown, LA. H…

basic ulzzang make up tutorial

WATCH in HD ! Heey Ulzzangs ! ♥ here is my basic ulzzang make up tutorial for everyday this make up is inspired from other ulzzangs idols like Ga.lei, mikki … Part 3 is on Facebook Fanpage, Dailymotion and Vimeo FB : Vimeo : Dailymotion : h…

Big eyes – Asian makeup tricks


This video will show you the makeup tricks some Asian models use to make their eyes look way bigger than they really are! Subscribe to my beauty/art channel!…

Eyelid FB Gentile

Eyemazing Product Review | Eyemazing Makeup When your eyes hates their lashes Because long eyelashes are considered as a sign of fe… Video Rating: 0 / 5

Things you must know about blepharoplasty recovery

Things you must know about blepharoplasty recovery. Video Rating: 0 / 5 When your eyes hates their lashes Because long eyelashes are considered as a sign of fe…

Eye Lid Surgery | Mr Mansoor Khan | Wiltshire


A video about Eye Lid Surgery by Wiltshire surgeon Mr Mansoor Khan. Lovingly Produced by BHM MEDIA. This is not me! NOT my eye! I just put the pictures together to make a video =] i got this from she’s pretty popular for doi… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Part 1: Plastic surgery questions answered!

A lot of people have been asking me questions about plastic surgery so here I’m trying my best to reply some of the questions. Part 2 will be up once I finis… Video Rating: 4 / 5

i dont know

i dont kwow. Video Rating: 0 / 5

VLOG- Updates: Losing Ava, haul, makeup favs, etc

Hey guys, So I wasnt sure what to call this video since its full of randomness. I hope you like it. xo Sam instagram: sdelzoppo ebay: babiesammi Keywords: ma… Video Rating: 5 / 5

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