April 20, 2018


Dr. Matheson Harris, and eyelid and facial plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah, discusses droopy eyelids (ptosis), including the causes of droopy eyelids…
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My Jaw Surgery Journey: Before and After

My Jaw Surgery Journey through photos! Follow me on Instagram: @tinadodo I was too impatient to wait until I took off my braces x)
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How to move into a Korean High-Rise

default How to move into a Korean High Rise

How to move your stuff into a high-rise in Korea. Lift with a lift, not with your back!
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HOW TO: Make Small Eyes Look BIGGER || Asian/Monolid

Please SUBSCRIBE LIKE COMMENT Check out my links! Twitter: @julzonbeauty1 Instagram: julzonbeauty1 Tumblr: http://julzonbeauty1.tumblr.com/ —————–…
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[14] ARTS AND CULTURE: Emerging Korean Documentaries 1

And now it’s time for our daily arts and culture segment with Yim Yoonhee. And today she’ll be sharing a story about some new trends in Korean documentaries….
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