basic ulzzang make up tutorial

WATCH in HD ! Heey Ulzzangs ! ♥ here is my basic ulzzang make up tutorial for everyday this make up is inspired from other ulzzangs idols like Ga.lei, mikki ... Part 3 is on Facebook Fanpage, Dailymotion and Vimeo :-) FB : Vimeo : Dailymotion : h... … [Read more...]

Ulzzang Pony’s Make-Up – No.32 – Korea Gyaru

This is just Pony's take on Gyaru for Korean People. It's a bit more natural compared to the Japanese Gyarus, but that's because Korean people prefer the nat... Video Rating: 4 / 5 … [Read more...]

Korean style eyeliner tutorial: Make your eyes longer and wider with these Ulzzang inspired eyes

This eyeliner tutorial is inspired by Korean celebrities and Ulzzang internet idols. It makes your eyes longer, and helps you balance your face, making your ... … [Read more...]